25 Years of Over Her Dead Body

Am 20. und 21. Oktober 2017 in der Universität Zürich (am 20. in Raum KO2-F-180, Rämistrasse 71, am 21. in der Aula des Asien-Orient-Instituts, Zürichbergstrasse 4), organisiert vom Doctoral Program in English and American Literary Studies des Englischen Seminars der Universität Zürich.

25 years after the publication of Elisabeth Bronfen’s influential book Over Her Dead Body: Death, Femininity and the Aesthetic, we want to revisit the theoretical creativity and potential of 1990s feminism and gender studies. A quarter of a century later, and in the face of 21st-century turmoil, backlashes and protests, how can we reevaluate our feminist positions, what aspects need to be upheld, what concepts need to be reassessed? For this timely conversation, we have invited an illustrious, international group of intellectuals: Judith Butler, Mandy Merck, Barbara  Vinken, Elisabeth Bronfen and others will discuss questions concerning the relationship between feminism, aesthetics, representation, and language; the shifts and changes – for better or for worse – that have occurred between the 1990s and today; as well as potential visions for the future.